Ceropegia Bosseri

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  1. The actual plant may differ as each pot has its own unique natural look and though look identical but never 100% similar to the image pictured here.
  2. Flowers are seasonal and plants may not be with flowers at the time of order/delivery.

Overall Height APPROXIMATELY 11cm

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  • Ceropegia Bosseri is a strange lizard-like plant that originates from Madagascar.
  • It looks extremely alien.
  • It has black textured skin like a reptile and a grappling hook shape that enables it to climb other plants for support.
  • In its natural environment, it lives in a very arid part of Madagascar.
  • It has adapted to using this method to grow because of how harsh the environment is and the shape also helps with water retention.
  • When the plant matured and needs to put out blooms it will create vines specifically for flowers that they will then drop after the flower is finished.
  • It will also often drop its tiny leaves if under drought conditions.⁣


  • For best-growing results, use well-draining soil.
  • You can use cactus or sandy soil and add gravel at a 1:1 ratio to improve the level of drainage.
  • Waterlogged soil can lead to the roots being submerged in a moist environment for a long time.


  • A handful of all-purpose granular fertilizer sprinkled on the soil each spring.
  • If it is growing in rich soil, it should only be fertilized every other year.
  • Dry granular fertilizers must be watered into the soil.


  • A light-loving plant, golden sedum enjoys full sun or partial shade.
  • It should ideally get at least six hours of sun exposure a day.


  • It should only receive water when its soil is completely dry, otherwise, the roots could be exposed to the risk of rotting.
  • It has the same watering needs as a typical succulent plant.
  • You should expect to give it more water during the summer season when the soil dries out faster.


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