Sansevieria Trio

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  • A unique combination of 3 species of Sanseveria for your decoration!
  • The pot consist of Sanseveria Superba, Sanseveria MoonShine, and Sanseveria Robusta.
  • Sansevieria plants are native of subtropical areas in Europe, India, and Africa and do well in hot, dry, challenging climates and with poor soil.
  • A relative of the agave plant, and in its native lands, some of the larger family members find use as a source of textile fiber.
  • In hot locations (e.g., some areas of Florida, Arkansas, and Arizona) Sansevieria grows as a perennial and used as a groundcover like an ornamental grass.
  • It goes other common names:- Bird’s Nest Sansevieria, Golden hahnii, Good Luck Plant,  Dwarf Mother in Law’s Tongue, Dwarf Snake Plant.


  • Sansevieria tolerates all kinds of soil conditions.
  • It is not finicky about pH requirements and does well in soil ranging from slightly acidic to slightly alkaline.
  • The plant likes a medium quality, well-draining soil amended with gravel, coarse sand, perlite or other light, airy material providing good drainage.
  • A standard cactus or succulent mix combined 50/50 with regular potting soil is an excellent choice for potted plants.
  • Many gardeners allow Sansevieria to become pot bound and do not transplant more often than once every two to five years.


  • When fertilizing, use an all-purpose liquid houseplant food once in the spring and once in mid-summer.
  • But feeding is not required as they are able to do well without fertilizer.
  • Fresh soil should provide plenty of nutrients.


  • Sansevieria tolerates low light, does best in bright light to full shade. and can stand almost any sort of abuse.
  • Sansevieria can survive very challenging circumstances.
  • Plants suffering from too little light and water and tolerating inconsistent temperatures become stunted and weak and may lack vibrancy in qualities such as variegation.
  • For it to thrive and reach its full potential, keep your plant in bright indirect sunlight at comfortable, consistent room temperatures.


  • It requires little water and is very drought tolerant.
  • Always water on the edge of the base of the plant – never pour water over the leaves.
  • Don’t allow water to stand on the leaves.
  • Be careful not to overwater.


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