Wasabi Plant

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  • Wasabi is part of the Brassicaceae family which includes flowering, mustard plants like horseradish, and watercress.
  • And it certainly lives up to its spicy traits.
  • Typically, the pale green rhizome is grated or made into a paste but a little goes a long way.
  • Just a tiny bit can add a seriously fiery kick to dishes or, as it’s commonly eaten, with sushi.
  • While the rhizome is usually used in cooking or for pastes, all parts of the plant are edible.
  • The stems are very mild but the leaves and flowers have more peppery heat.
  • In Japan, the leaves are often fried in tempura batter and the stems pickled.


  • Work in 10-12 inches of compost to a soil depth of 8-10 inches.
  • Wasabi requires a neutral or slightly acidic soil pH of 6-7.
  • Plant your start only deep enough to keep it upright.
  • Being sure that all of the roots are covered, backfill the hole and gently press it into place..


  • Japanese growers recommend a slow-release 12-12-12 fertilizer applied every 3-4 months.
  • Fertilizers high in sulfur will help increase the flavor and spiciness of the wasabi rhizome.
  • Try different fertilizers with varied applications and monitor the growth of the wasabi to identify what works.


  • Wasabi Plants Needs Full Shade
  • Anywhere that you can get full shade.
  • To be overly clear – if a wasabi plant gets sunlight it will wither and droop very quickly.


  • Wasabi likes to be kept moist, but not muddy and waterlogged.
  • To check whether the soil drains well enough, water the area well and watch the water soak in.
  • Planting wasabi near a natural pond or stream is a good idea, since the soil will stay constantly moist, but will naturally also drain well.


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