Gymnocalycium Mihanovichii (Mini Grafted Cactus) - Variety 1

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  • Many of you have undoubtedly met this interesting cactus before.
  • Some  of you probably own one.
  • Commonly referred to as 'Hibotan' or "moon  cactus," these are not a single species cactus but rather two different  cacti that have been grafted together. 
  • The colorful top part is known scientifically as  Gymnocalycium mihanovichii.
  • It is endemic to Paraguay and some provinces  of Argentina. In the wild it is not nearly this colorful.
  • The specimens  sold in garden shops all over the world are actually mutant varieties that do not produce chlorophyll, thus revealing other pigments that are normally masked by green.
  • The color of these mutants can range from  yellows to reds and even deep purples.
  • Without chlorophyll, these mutants would normally die as seedlings. 


  • A rich, fast-draining cactus mix with a low pH is ideal.
  • Make sure the soil meets the needs of the host cactus on the bottom.


  • You do not need to regularly fertilize your cactus plant, but you should dose it with a cactus fertilizer every month during its growing season (April to September).
  • Suspend feeding during the dormant winter period.


  • Place these guys indoors or sheltered under verandas or patios as the rootstock is sensitive to the cold and frost.
  • The do need partial sun, so next to a window is the perfecr locarion if they are indoors.


  • Very little maintenance is required for these guys to thrive; in fact, one of the main reasons grafted cacti suffer is through overwatering.
  • Water them sparingly, only when the soil is dry (this can take anywhere from a week to a month depending on location, time of year, and enviornmental factors).
  • The best thing to do is water them thoroughly and then let it drain.
  • If you are using saucers, make sure to empthy them after each watering.


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