Biogold Vital Growth Stimulant - Ready To Use (Japan)

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  • Biogold Vital is a fully organic liquid growth stimulant and its principal function is to increase the plant's metabolic rate, which will improve disease resistance as well as assist the healthy development of roots and leaves.
  • It has proven to rejuvenate weak or old plants.
  • Biogold Vital is not a fertilizer but a growth stimulant suitable for all types of plants, whether grown in the garden or containers.
  • Please do not use Biogold Vital with other pesticides or fungicides.
  • If other treatments are needed, pls wait a couple of days between use.
  • However, all Biogold products are safe to use with each other.
  • 植物が動きだす 天然活性液


  • Root treatment: Spray Biogold Vital around the root area 2-3 times per month.
  • Foliage treatment: Spray Biogold Vital all over the plant 2-3 times per month.
  • Transplanting: 1. Submerge plant in Biogold Vital prior to transplanting. 2. Water thoroughly with Biogold Vital after transplanting or re-potting.
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