Wound Healing Agent for Plant (Artificial Bark) 伤口愈合剂

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  • Tree wound healing agent, trunk repair agent, bonsai bark coating agent, and fruit tree grafting incision repair ointment are products used for plant wound treatment and protection. They are widely used in horticulture and agriculture to promote wound healing in plants and prevent bacterial invasion.
  • They contain special ingredients such as plant growth hormones and antibacterial agents to promote wound healing and reduce the risk of infection.
  • They are usually viscous substances that fill the wound and form a protective layer to prevent moisture loss and pathogen invasion.
  • They help maintain the moisture level of the bark and provide a protective layer to reduce water evaporation and protect the plant from external damage.
  • This ointment is specifically designed to repair grafting incisions on fruit trees. Grafting is a technique that connects tissues from two different plants, and the incision repair ointment can help the incision heal and prevent infection.


  • Clean the affected area: Before applying the Wound Healing Agent, ensure that the wound or cut on the plant is clean and free from debris or dead tissue. Use a clean, damp cloth or sterile cotton swab to gently clean the area.

  • Apply the Wound Healing Agent: Using a brush or applicator, carefully apply a thin layer of the Wound Healing Agent directly onto the wound or cut on the plant. Ensure that the entire affected area is covered with the product.

  • Allow it to dry: Allow the Wound Healing Agent to air dry completely. This will form a protective barrier over the wound, helping to prevent further damage and infection.

  • Reapply as needed: Depending on the severity of the wound or the specific instructions provided with the product, you may need to reapply the Wound Healing Agent after a certain period of time. Follow the recommended application frequency for best results.

  • Monitor the plant: Keep an eye on the plant's progress and observe how the wound is healing. If any adverse reactions or complications occur, such as increased wilting or discoloration, discontinue the use of the Wound Healing Agent and consult a plant care professional.

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