PREMIUM Bonsai Concave Branch Cutter 八木光 Yagimitsu (JAPAN)

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  • 8" / 20.4cm
  • 6.5" / 16.5cm
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  • The concave cutter, or Mataeda Hasami, is used to cut off whole branches of a bonsai tree.
  • The slightly curved cutting area leaves a clean cut that will heal itself nicely.
  • This cutter is designed to prune entire branches and comes in a variety of sizes and quality classes.
  • You can consider the concave cutter as one of the “heavy” tools in bonsai.
  • You won’t need this bad boy during smaller pruning sessions.


  • DO USE IT if you want to cut off bigger and/or entire branches.
  • The concave cutter is especially useful when you want to prune a branch close to the trunk and don’t want scar tissue to form in the place of the cut.
  • Of course, there are no guarantees, but using the concave cutter will leave a clean cut that can heal easily, leaving little to no scar.
  • DO NOT USE the concave cutter if you are looking to create scar tissue on branches or the trunk of your bonsai tree.
  • Also, don’t attack the smaller twigs and branches with this tool.
  • You are more likely to hurt the tree or yourself than when you use a smaller branch cutter or scissors.
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