HB-101 Vitalizer Granules (Japan)

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  • Granule HB-101 is a Granular Version of Natural Plant Vitalizer HB-101.
  • A Safe and Harmless Nutrient that's Perfect for Organic and Reduced-Chemical Cultivation!
  • Granule HB-101 is a natural plant vitalizer effective for growing various kinds of plants and is made from essences of such long-lived trees as cedars, Japanese cypress, and pines as well as from plantains (a well-known medical herb).
  • Safe and harmless, Granule HB-101 is perfect for organic and reduced-chemical cultivation.
  • Can be used for Growing all Kinds of Plants!
  • Granule HB-101 can be used to good effect by anybody who enjoys growing virtually any kind of plant, from farmers and farm business operators to kitchen gardeners, horticulturists, and garden hobbyists.
  • It is so easy to use and all you have to do is mix it with soil.
  • Reduce Costs with Bigger Harvests!
  • If you use Granule HB-101, you will achieve larger harvests, which adds up to an overall reduction of growing costs.
  • HB-101 is made up of active plant substances. Or in other words, HB-101 is the essence of nutrition for plants.
  • Just as good blood circulation is important for animals, good nutrition is essential for plants.
  • If you use HB-101, your plants will become stronger and healthier and will grow more vigorously.
  • Strong and healthy plants are also environmentally friendly.
  • Granule HB-101 has gained the approval of many people who enjoy growing plants, including farmers, farm business operators, kitchen gardeners, horticulturalists, and garden hobbyists.


  • Vitalize your plants.
  • Increase the longevity of flowers.
  • Improve your harvests.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Grow organically or with fewer chemicals.


  • Mix Granule HB-101 with the soil around the roots.
  • Use 6g for a 3.3㎡ plot.
  • 300g is enough for a 165㎡ plot.
  • 1kg is enough for a 545㎡ plot.
  • 1 cc for a small plant pot.
  • 1.5 ccs for a medium-sized pot.
  • 2 cc for a large pot.
  • 6 ccs for a 3.3㎡ plot of land.


  • Cereal grains, Rice, wheat, corn.
  • Flower bulbs & root vegetables, Lilies, tulips, potatoes, taro potatoes, Japanese radishes, sweet potatoes, carrots, burdocks, etc
  • Pulses, Green soybeans, kidney beans, broad beans, soybeans, black beans, adzuki beans(red beans), etc.
  • Leafy vegetables, Cabbages, Japanese mustard spinaches, spinaches, Chinese cabbages, lettuces, etc.
  • Flowers & ornamental plants, Chrysanthemums, roses, carnations, eustomas, etc.
  • Fruits and vegetables, Tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, bell peppers,
  • watermelons, eggplants, melons, etc.
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