GrowPole (THICCLY)

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  • 1 x Standard Size - 6.5cmW x 59.5cmL
  • 5 x Standard Size - 6.5cmW x 59.5cmL
  • 1 x Large Size - 9.0cmW x 59.5cmL
  • 5 x Large Size - 9.0cmW x 59.5cmL
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  • The Best Plant Pole for Aroids
  • THICCLY GrowPole is a growing supporter, designed from the ground up for Aroids.
  • Promotes Mature Plant Growth
  • Its unique design allows Aroids to establish strong climbing roots, that will promote morphogenesis to produce “mature” leaf forms.
  • Promotes Structured Root Growth
  • Its enclosed design helps hold on to moisture, and prevent runaway roots, ruining your carefully pruned plant. 
  • The roots pick up water and nutrients close to the newest growth, helping the plant grow more vigorously.
  • Roots are nicely enclosed and kept moist within the GrowPole
  • Ease of Assembly
  • Just click GrowPole’s clips together and a new pole is assembled. Fill with the substrate of your choice, to suit your plant and environment.
  • Ease of Extension
  • Simply slide a new GrowPole into the old one and fill it up with new substrate and you’re done!
  • Add a clear tape behind for extra security if desired.
  • Ease of Shortening
  • The PET plastic shell can be cut with regular scissors. No saw or special tools are needed.
  • *Recommend cutting it before folding it into shape.
  • Ease of Propagation
  • Once the roots are established in the GrowPole, simply cut away the plastic shroud and the plant below the node to get a new plant without messy moss bags/cups or risky water rooting.
  • Ease of Watering
  • Traditional coco poles and moss poles repel water when dry.
  • By being semi-enclosed, simply water the top of the GrowPole and watch the water percolate down and get absorbed in the substrate.
  • No spills, no mess.
  • Save Energy
  • The large surface area on the GrowPole releases moisture and humidifies the air, without using electric nebulizers, reducing electricity use in growing our beautiful plants.
  • Reduce
  • The one-piece monocoque design inspired by aircraft and racing cars, allows us to use the least amount of material possible to yield a strong pole.
  • That reduces wastage and our carbon footprint from manufacturing to delivery.
  • Reuse
  • GrowPole is highly reusable, especially when used with a slow degrading substrate such as tree fern fiber.
  • Trimming the pole for propagation gives the new cutting a head start on the pole. Or flush the pole out and reuse it for a new plant as needed.
  • Recycle
  • GrowPole is made of 100% recycled PET plastics.
  • All cutouts are done within the factory and recycled as well.
  • No trimming of zip ties or other securing solutions, which adds to the landfill.
  • For more information visit
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