Davallia fejeensis Fern (Rabbit's Foot)

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  • The Davallia fejeensis belongs to a genus of 40 plants that are epiphytic in nature, which means they grow on trees or within rock crevices taking moisture and nutrients from other sources "not soil" such as air, rain, trees, and other debris.
  • Over the years we have learned to grow these within our western homes by imitating the plant's natural habitat.
  • We've learned how to grow a group of ferns for some time now and the Rabbit's foot is one that will grow well, "if the correct conditions are provided".
  • Moisture and the right amount of light is the rule of thumb here.
  • The fejeensis is easily recognizable as a fern because of its fronds (grow upright) that display gauzy or lace-like leaflets.
  • The small leaves are attached to a kind of wiry stalks that grow from the visible rhizomes.
  • These furry and yellowish-brown rhizomes creep over the pot; they are the main feature of this species.
  • It's important to keep in mind what pot the plant should be planted in so it can display it's rhizomes (within a hanging basket is common and a shallow pot).


  • It should be grown in a fertilized potting mix.
  • Make or buy a fertilized mix which consists of coco peat moss or coconut fiber (coir), vermiculite or perlite, compost, and other ingredients.
  • A lightweight soil for potted plants needs to provide good drainage, hold moisture, and give roots room to grow.


  • Keep the plant in top form by feeding the plants every few weeks with a dilute solution of liquid fertilizer.


  • Provide indirect bright light - avoiding direct sunlight.
  • Direct sunlight will scorch the leaves and turn the rhizomes brown, especially with low humidity levels.
  • A small amount of sun (not midday sun) will not cause too much harm and can encourage plant health, but it's a bit risky with this fern.


  • Keep the potting mix lightly moist at all times.
  • This Mediterranean fern needs slightly less water than its rainforest cousins, so take care not to overwater.


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