Calathea Zebrina

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  1. The actual plant may differ as each pot has its own unique natural look and though look identical but never 100% similar to the image pictured here.
  2. Flowers are seasonal and plants may not be with flowers at the time of order/delivery.

Overall Height APPROXIMATELY 30cm

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  • Calathea zebra plants are natives of Brazil and their bright green leaves can be boldly striped in white, yellow, or pink in a striking feather-like pattern that is sure to catch the eye.
  • As tropicals, caring for zebra plants in the home is not as difficult as some gardeners may think.
  • With proper zebra plant care, these plants can grow up to 3 feet (1 m.) tall and 3 feet wide (1 m.).
  • The leaves, which can grow to 2 feet (.5 m.) in length, arise from a central rosette, rising straight up until a new leaf emerges.
  • The older leaves then arc away to make room for new growth.
  • As the plant ages, new rosettes form new leaves that add to the lush look of the plant.
  • The flowers are insignificant, tiny and white, they are often hidden beneath the leaves and, for many gardeners, removal of the flower stems is part of their regular zebra plant care so that the plant wastes none of its energy on flowering. 


  • The simplest option is to use an African violet potting mix, or you can make your own blend of one part garden soil, one part sand or perlite, and two parts peat moss or coir.


  • Fertilize monthly with 1/4 strength water soluble fertilizer during the growing season.
  • Avoid over-fertilizing and flush the soil several times per year.


  • Bright or medium, indirect light.


  • Keep the soil lightly moist, watering once the top of the soil is just starting to dry out.
  • Avoid soggy soil.
  • You may see better results by using filtered water or rainwater.


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