Air Root Pruning Pot

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  • 1.3L - 14cm(Ø) x 16cm(H)
  • 2L - 16.5cm(Ø) x 14cm(H)
  • 3L - 19cm(Ø) x 17.5cm(H)
  • 5L - 23cm(Ø) x 20cm(H)
  • 7.5L - 26cm(Ø) x 22cm(H)
  • 9.5L - 28.5cm(Ø) x 24cm(H)
  • 12L - 30.5cm(Ø) x 26.5cm(H)
  • 20L - 33cm(Ø) x 29cm(H)
  • 25L - 37.5cm(Ø) x 32cm(H)
  • 35L - 42cm(Ø) x 36cm(H)
  • 50L - 50cm(Ø) x 39cm(H)
  • 70L - 55cm(Ø) x 45cm(H)
  • 90L - 60cm(Ø) x 46cm(H)
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  • Made of durable plastic, plants grown in these pots need less time to grow, and, once planted, they have a safe grip and healthy and fast growth, all these thanks to very well-developed roots.
  • The ventilation system of the pot blocks the roots coming into contact with the air and light and forbids its growth with a circular movement.
  • The outer roots don’t undergo any type of stress and the growth of the trunk is faster and stronger if compared to one of normal pots or plants cultivated in open spaces.
  • The results are even better with a draining and compact substrate that reproduce a similar condition to the field.
  • Peat, coconut fiber, coconut marrow, and controlled resolution fertilizer:  this blend is essential to determine a good final result, both technical and commercial, of the cultivation in this special pot.


  • Healthy and fast growth of the roots.
  • Very good drainage.
  • Anti-spiralization action.
  • No stress from transplant.
  • Better growth of the plant after transplant.
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