Creeper plants are an excellent addition to Candy Floriculture that specializes in gardening, landscaping, or home decor. Creeper plants are a diverse group of plants that grow low to the ground and spread out horizontally, often covering large areas and adding a beautiful green touch to any space.

Creeper plants are known for their ability to grow quickly, and they are often used to provide ground cover in gardens or to create a natural-looking border around a property. Many creeper plants are also known for their beautiful flowers and vibrant colors, making them a popular choice for adding color and visual interest to any landscape.

At Candy Floriculture, offering creeper plants can be an excellent way to provide customers with a wide variety of options for their gardening or home decor needs. Whether customers are looking for plants to use as ground cover, to create a natural-looking border, or to add color and texture to their outdoor or indoor spaces, creeper plants are an excellent choice. Providing detailed information on the care and maintenance of each creeper plant can also help customers feel more confident in their purchases and increase customer satisfaction.

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Petunia Petunia Petunia
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$12.10 incl. GST


Overall Height APPROXIMATELY: 40cm for Pot Size 17cm(Ø)



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