Dischidia ruscifolia (Million Hearts)

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  • Commonly known as Million Hearts, this species of Dischidia has numerous small, heart-shaped leaves that line both sides of thin trailing stems.
  • Its flowers are small and grow between a leaf and the stem.
  • If grown under intense light, the plant's leaves will develop a red tinge.
  • In Singapore, the plant is sold in hanging pots where its stems trail over the rim of the pot or are wound around a heart-shaped frame ornament.
  • Dischidia plants are generally easy to grow and they make good houseplants or even as Christmas decorations and wreaths.
  • The genus Dischidia belongs to the milkweed family (Apocynaceae) and is closely related to plants in the genus Hoya, another popular group admired for their showy, sometimes fragrant, often waxy flowers.
  • Five species of Dischidia are available in Singapore and they are commonly grown for their foliage and interesting growth habit.
  • Most of them have very small flowers that only the keen-eyed gardener can spot.
  • When injured, they exude a milky sap, and individuals with sensitive skin should avoid touching it.
  • Some Dischidia species are fast growers while others grow in periodic spurts.
  • Dischidia is an epiphyte - plants that grow on supports such as tree trunks or branches.
  • Their stems may produce roots along the nodes to absorb nutrients and water and provide additional support for the plant.


  • They can be grown in a light, a well-drained mix of bark, composted peat, and perlite, or, rather than growing in a pot.
  • Epiphytes roots can be wrapped in sphagnum moss and the entire plant can then be mounted onto wood or other surfaces.


  • Balanced liquid fertilizer every three months.


  • Bright indirect light, or filtered light, works well for this plant.
  • A little morning sun also works very well, especially indoors.
  • When they get some direct sunshine, the leaves may turn a little reddish in color.
  • That is perfectly fine, but be careful not to give it too much sun otherwise it may burn.


  • Allow soil to dry between thorough waterings.


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