Phalaenopsis Orchid Centerpiece (3593)

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  1. The actual plant/color tone may differ as each pot has its own unique natural look and although look identical but never 100% similar to the image pictured here.
  2. The product's Pot, Decorations, and Orchid Color may be substituted with other variations subject to seasonal or stock availability, without prior notice.
  3. Overall Height measured from the bottom of the pot to the tallest point of the plant vertically.


  • A beautiful Phalaenopsis Orchid Centerpiece for any occasion.
  • Perfect to highlight and brighten up your indoor area.
  • Phalaenopsis which is called the beginner's orchid is known for its ability to withstand different conditions due to its toughness.
  • It is a popular type of orchid flower in Singapore that is easy to care for.
  • So if you are planning to have a houseplant that will not give you stress then you can consider taking care of Phalaenopsis.
  • They are easily grown in the home and stay in bloom for a very long time.
  • A mature one will be in bloom much of the year with graceful inflorescences loaded with good-sized blooms.
  • They do very well as houseplants and will grow and flower on a moderately bright windowsill.
  • Pot Size APPROXIMATELY 28cm(W) x 23cm(H) x 80cm(Overall Height)
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