Leca (Usagi)

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  1. The image pictured is strictly for illustration purposes only and will never be 100% identical to the actual product.
  2. Various grain sizes are specified accordingly and the measurement is approximate only.
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  • Leca stands for Lightweight expanded clay aggregate.
  • In layman's terms, this means that you have baked clay balls that can soak up a little water and they expand when they're soaking up the water.
  • The water that's soaked up in the clay balls can be used to water plants.
  • However, unlike soil, Leca is just a collection of clay balls and doesn't contain any nutrients.
  • All they do is soak up a little water and expand accordingly. Any nutrients your plants need, you need to add into the water.


  • It's easier to properly water your plants.
  • The risks of getting pests are reduced.


  • You can create a raised bottom and raise your plants' roots from the bottom of the pot.
  • You can add your water until it's just under the roots of the plants.
  • Your plants will now be able to choose for themselves how much water they want.
  • Because they're not sitting in water at all times, like often the case when using soil, they can sip on the water that has been soaked into the clay balls.
  • If your plants are really thirsty, they will start to grow towards the water that's in the bottom of the pot and drink directly from that.
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