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  1. The actual plant may differ as each pot has its own unique natural look and though look identical but never 100% similar to the image pictured here.
  2. Flowers/Fruits are seasonal and plants may not be with Flowers/Fruits at the time of order/delivery.
  • Overall Height APPROXIMATELY 18cm
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  • The watermelon peperomia aka Peperomia is an herbaceous perennial native to South America (Brazil).
  • The variegated leaves resembling the patterns found on watermelon rinds earned the common name of “Watermelon peperomia”.
  • This Peperomia Argyreia is very robust and easy to care for.
  • It can cope with very low light levels, although it prefers a bright position.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight during the summer months; otherwise, the leaves may become yellow or dull.
  • This plant is moderately drought-tolerant and prefers to be kept on the dry side, especially in low light conditions.
  • Tolerate temperatures from 16-25°C
  • Imported from Holland.


  • A peat-based soil is best used that drains well. 2 parts peat and 1 part perlite is a good mix.


  • Use a diluted liquid fertilizer once every 2 - 4 weeks.


  • A bright room with the plant placed in a shaded spot is ideal, without direct sunlight.
  • In their natural habitat, they reside undercover within forests with some sun and shade so we need to try and replicate this.
  • Sitting back from the west, east, or even south-facing window is best.


  • It's important not to water these plants too much or underwater them.
  • Over-watering can cause rot and under-watering will make them wilt.
  • To get watering just about right, allow the soil to dry to the touch at the top and then water thoroughly, but much less during winter.


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