COLORTOOL Spray (Design Master)

$32.00 incl. GST
  • Basil 676
  • Deep Blue 743
  • Holiday Green 717
  • Ice Blue 704
  • Lavender 708
  • Olive Bright 790
  • Orange 775
  • Perfect Pink 780
  • Purple 740
  • Raspberry 766
  • Holiday Red 714
  • Yellow 736
  • Violet 715
  • Gray Flannel 798
  • Turquoise 741
  • Robin's Egg 792
  • Blue Marlin 686
  • Burgundy 710
  • Flat Black 725
  • Carnation Red 716
  • Blue Sky 751
  • Hyacinth 762
  • Fuchsia 786
  • French Blue 747
  • Lilac 139
  • Moss Green 721
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  • COLORTOOL Sprays deliver clean, crisp consistent color in an ultra-fine mist that provides color coverage without a thick coat of paint or excessive spray dust.
  • This fast-drying spray is delicate enough to color fresh flowers yet sturdy enough to use on all sorts of materials used by professional florists, artisans, and crafters.
  • Its versatility is unmatched.
  • The unique delivery system also gives you control to blend, tint, tone, and shade colors.
  • Design Master sprays are modified lacquer-based products.
  • A feature of lacquer products is that as additional coats are applied they re-solubilize the underneath layers to bond together, not just sit on top of one another.
  • The result is a more durable application of color.


  • Fresh, silk and dried flowers, permanent floral materials, wood, wicker, terra cotta, pottery, plaster, ribbons, lace, fabrics, Styrofoam™ brand foam, craft foam, foam board, paper, papier mache, glass, metal, some plastics, and many other decorative surfaces.
  • ALWAYS test-spray an inconspicuous area to assure compatibility and desired results.


  • All Design Master sprays are non-toxic when dry.
  • Be sure to apply the sprays in a well-ventilated area and follow the directions on the label.
  • Design Master sprays DO NOT contain CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon) propellants and will not harm the ozone layer.
  • They are not a significant source of smog.
  • Design Master Sprays are compliant with all United States aerosol regulations, including all stringent air quality regulations in the state of California.
  • DESIGN MASTER cans are made from at least 25% recycled materials and are recyclable in communities that accept them.
  • Please visit the Design Masters website for more information FAQ
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