Monstera Dobsonia (Japan)

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Overall Height APPROXIMATELY 85cm

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  • Monstera is a species of flowering plant native to tropical forests of southern Mexico, south to Panama.
  • It has been introduced to many tropical areas and has become a mildly invasive species in Hawaii, Seychelles, Ascension Island, and the Society Islands. 
  • The best-known variety is Monstera Deliciosa, or Mexican Breadfruit, in reference to its corncob-shaped fruit (which is said to taste like a combination of pineapple, banana, and mango).
  • It’s extremely common for monsteras to be confused with split-leaf philodendron, particularly in less mature plants.
  • Though the two are related (they’re part of the same plant family), an easy way to tell these plants apart is to look at the leaves: split-leaf philodendrons have perforated leaves but lack holes.


  • Plant it in a pot with drainage holes using a standard potting soil that contains peat.
  • Peat helps to trap moisture without becoming waterlogged.


  • For best results, feed your plant once a month throughout the spring and summer.
  • A little bit of food will go a long way to encourage growth and root health.
  • No fertilizer is necessary during the winter—it’s important to give your Monstera a chance to rest during the cooler time of year.


  • Put the plant near a window where it will receive bright, but indirect, sunlight.
  • It tolerates low light, but grows faster and becomes more dramatic in a bright spot.
  • That said, avoid strong, direct sunlight because it may burn the leaves.


  • When its soil becomes dry to a depth of 1-2”, water your monstera directly into the pot so as not to moisten foliage and just enough to keep the soil from completely drying out.
  • Monstera is somewhat drought tolerant, so you don’t need to worry about keeping up with the watering all the time.
  • Don’t allow the pot to stand in water, as this will cause root rot.


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