Vermicompost 100% Organic Vermicast (Jenesis)

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  • Jenesis Vermicompost /vermicast is produced using 100% organic materials and does not contain any soil mix!
  • It consistently delivers better yields for your fruits and plants.
  • It saves you money and gives you the best results.
  • It's the Farmers’ Choice.

Holistic Farming Approach

  • 100% of our vermicompost comes from PT Bergh Poultry Indonesia that feeds their chickens with a balanced and nutritious diet, including probiotics. 

Pleasant and clean environment.

  • The farm is cleaned 1-2 times a day and sprayed with probiotics to remove foul smells.
  • The collected manure is washed by stream water and separated liquid is given to nearby farmers to fertilizer their vegetables. 

Vermicompost as Natural Fertiliser

  • The damp manures are deposited into African Night Crawlers worm beddings, producing plenty of organic matter soil structure.
  • The result is a more fertile soil with rich minerals and vitamins for plants to absorb.

Laboratory Test

  • Harmful bacteria and pathogens are eliminated through several sterilization processes, before being sent for laboratory testing.
  • After a certificate is issued by the Veterinary Authority in Jakarta, Jenesis Vermicompost is sealed airtight and shipped to Singapore.


  • Vermicompost or Vermicast (also called worm castings, worm humus, worm manure, or worm faeces) is the end-product of the breakdown of organic matters by earthworms.
  • The product is produced from the waste passed out by African Night Crawler (earthworms) feeding on egg-producing chicken manure in PT Bergh Poultry located at Lembang (near Bandung) Indonesia.
  • The slopes of Bandung were once part of a 13,000-foot-high mega volcano known as Mount Sunda.
  • Hence the vermicompost/ vermicast contained nutrient-rich chicken corn feeds mixed with alkaline rich water found naturally in soil.


  • Sprinkle Jenesis Vermicompost / Vermicast sparingly over your plant like the way you sprinkle salt likely over your dish.
  • Apply one to two teaspoons per week, then watch your plants blossom.
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