OASIS Horticubes Biodegradable Seedling Foam [5520pcs]

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  • OASIS Horticubes Biodegradable Seedling Foam is an innovative and environmentally conscious choice for starting seeds and rooting cuttings.
  • 276 Cells Per Sheet
  • 20 Sheets Per Box
  • 5,520 Cells Per Box

    Key Features:

    • Biodegradable: These seedling foam cubes are made from biodegradable materials, minimizing waste and supporting sustainable horticulture.
    • Optimal Air-to-Water Ratio: Horticubes are engineered to maintain an ideal balance of air and water, promoting healthy root development.
    • Uniform Density: Each cube has a consistent density, ensuring reliable performance in seed germination and cutting propagation.
    • Easy to Use: The cubes are conveniently pre-shaped and can be easily transplanted without disturbing the young plants.
    • Rooting Advancement: Horticubes are designed to encourage rapid, uniform rooting, helping you achieve better transplant success rates.
    • Sterile and Disease-Free: These foam cubes are sterile and free from harmful pathogens, reducing the risk of plant diseases.
    • Versatile: They are suitable for a wide range of plants, from vegetables to ornamentals, making them a versatile choice for horticultural applications.

      How to Use:

      • Moisten the cubes thoroughly.
      • Insert seeds or cuttings into the pre-made holes or slits.
      • Maintain consistent moisture levels to support germination and rooting.
      • Once roots are well-established, the seedlings or cuttings can be easily transplanted into pots or garden beds.


        • OASIS Horticubes Biodegradable Seedling Foam promotes sustainable gardening practices.
        • They support healthy root development and increase the chances of transplant success.
        • The sterile and disease-free nature of these cubes ensures a clean and disease-free start for your plants.
        • Convenient, pre-shaped cubes save time and effort in seed starting and cutting propagation.
        • These biodegradable seedling foam cubes are an excellent choice for both professional growers and home gardeners, providing a responsible and effective solution for starting plants from seeds or cuttings.
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