Planter Box (Baba)

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  • Baba Planter Box is a durable, lightweight plastic planter box perfect for your flowers and herbs, it has a detachable filter net inside that separates the soil from a small recess that works as a water reservoir.
  • There are 2 drainage holes at the bottom of the planter to totally drain excess water in the reservoir, and a drainage hole on one side of the reservoir to partially drain the reservoir with the bottom holes plugged.
  • All drainage holes can be plugged with the included silicon plugs to store more water if you plan on going away for the week.
  • This planter is 100% biodegradable.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


  • Baba products are symbols of beauty, and every pot is meticulously sculpted to possess lightweight and durable qualities.
  • With Baba products, you can easily find a wide selection of pots with unique designs, and innovation.
  • After going through much research and development, Baba came out with a biodegradable, environmentally friendly plastic pot.
  • Baba’s unique biodegradable pots use a special plastic formula which has been approved by the international laboratory to have a high biodegradable quality function that can also withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -17 degree Celsius to 48 degree Celsius.


  • Baba’s biodegradable pots can be broken down by microorganisms into humus, carbon dioxide, and biogas when placed in a microbial environment.
  • Similar to garbage, it can decompose either within an anaerobic (without oxygen and sunlight) or aerobic (with oxygen) environment.


  • Baba’s biodegradable pots will not decompose while they are placed on the shelf or stored in the warehouse.
  • They have to be placed in a microbial environment in order for them to decompose.


  • Baba’s biodegradable pots can be fully recycled or mixed together with other existing plastic for recycled use.
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