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  • Pachira aquatica is a tropical wetland tree in the mallow family Malvaceae, native to Central and South America where it grows in swamps.


  • To avoid root rot, a money tree needs a sandy, peat-moss-based soil and a pot with good drainage.
  • Although it likes humidity in general, you should let its soil dry out between watering.
  • A good schedule for most environments is to water when the top 2-4 inches of soil are dry.


  • Once your indoor or outdoor plant is established, fertilize it every two weeks with an all-purpose fertilizer.
  • Fertilize only during the spring and summer growing period at half the dosage on the fertilizer label and stop feeding during the fall and winter.


  • Pachira grown outdoors prefers full sun to part shade and will even grow in full shade.
  • Keep an indoor plant where it will get bright light for most but not all of the day.
  • Rotate an indoor plant by a one-quarter turn once a week to keep it balanced and to avoid its leaves reaching for the light from only one side.


  • Give both indoor and outdoor plants a deep soaking at least once a week or more if the weather is very hot and keep the soil consistently moist.
  • Dropped leaves could indicate that you are not watering often enough to keep the soil evenly moist.


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