Slow Release Granular Fertilizer for Bonsai NPK 6+5+2 (Green King)

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  • It is designed for the nutrition of all bonsai species.
  • It is used throughout the vegetative season of the plant from April to October.
  • It is the most complete NP fertilizer for bonsai nutrition.
  • Once dissolved it is completely absorbed by the soil and therefore by the plant without leaving residue.
  • Its low nitrogen content composition allows the maintenance of the foliar apparatus and prevents vegetative excesses.
  • It also promotes the development and enlargement of the trunk.


  • Spread the fertilizer granules on the surface of the soil.
  • Cover the entire surface of the pot evenly, maintaining a mutual distance between each granule of 1-3 cm (depending on the size of the pot and the plant).
  • After application, wet abundantly and daily on the basis of the water needs of the plant.
  • After about 30-40 days from application, integrate with new fertilizer granules.
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