SMART Grow Composter Set (Composter Bin CP-30L + Stand WT-18) (Baba)

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  • BABA CP-30L Composter is an easy-to-use compost bin that allows you to turn kitchen waste into compost for your own gardening use in a few easy steps.
  • It comes with a spout for releasing liquid compost and an iron stand for elevating it in your garden for easier access to the spout.
  • PRODUCT COLOR - Summer Green.


  • Cut all kitchen waste into small pieces for easier composting.
  • Place the small pieces of kitchen waste into the composter in a layer, cover kitchen waste with a layer of compost maker around 2-3cm thick.
  • More layers of kitchen waste and compost maker can be placed above until the composter is about 70% full.
  • The topmost layer should consist of a compost maker.
  • Cover the compost bin with the lid and place a heavy object on it to keep it tightly covered.
  • Liquid compost will accumulate at the bottom of the composter and can be collected every 2-3 days to be used as fertilizer via the spout.
  • The composting process will be completed and be ready for use within 2-3 months.
  • Demostration Video

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