Controlled Release Fertilizer Type180 NPK-13-11-11 (Nutricote JAPAN)

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  • Nutricote is a range of Controlled Release Products from Arysta Health & Nutrition, Japan.
  • Nutricote NPK 13+11+11 Type 180 is a balanced product for broad-spectrum applications in ornamental and tree nurseries and has the longevity of approximately six months at 25 degrees C.
  • It produces healthier plants with increased survival rates.
  • More flowers that are larger in size and deeper in color.
  • Reduced fertilizer application costs due to labor savings.
  • Fewer losses due to leaching, hence environmentally friendly.
  • Definitely control the nutrient release, So the grower can get the most economical use of its fertilizer investment.
  • Using Nutricote, leaching of nutrients can be minimized so optimum fertilizer levels are maintained.
  • The highest degree of safety to crop when compared to similar products and no salt build-up.
  • This product uses NPK ingredients.
  • Resin coating is very smoothy and uniform.
  • Particle size is very consistent allowing easier and more precise mechanical distribution.
  • The product has high nitrate-nitrogen content.
  • Depending on the various plants, stable fertilization can be provided.


  • Suitable for Orchids, Rhododendron, Azalea, Gardenia, Ferns, Forestry Seedling, Greenhouse Vegetables, African Violets. Nursery Crops, Cut Flower Crops, Bedding Plants, Woody Ornamentals. Most Pot Crops, Most Foliage Crops.
  • Directions for use: 2 — 3 Teaspoons sprinkled on top of potting medium for 6-inch pot and can also mix in potting mediums.
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