Organic Sheep Pellets Fertilizer (StarX)

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  • It is a natural organic fertilizer and soil conditioner created from sheep manure, which is a great fertilizer for veges in your home garden.
  • It contains five essential nutrients for healthy plants including Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulphur, and Calcium.
  • It is also an excellent food source for soil bacteria, fungi, and earthworms.
  • Bacteria and fungi are essential for the breakdown of plant residues in the soil and earthworms have beneficial effects on soil aeration water-holding capacity and nutrient availability.
  • It provides both slow and long-term release of nutrients for rapid response and nutrient longevity.
  • It contains organic matters both sandy and clay soils easier to work by improving the structure of the soil.
  • Soil structure influences aeration and has a major effect on the growth of plant roots.
  • It provides a balanced source of organic nutrients.
  • 3% Nitrogen for better growth.
  • 3% Phosphorous for improved root development.
  • 3% Potassium for increased fruiting and flowering.


  • For Garden Beds (Flowers and Vegetables) - Add 500-800g per square meter and fork into the soil to a depth of around 500mm.
  • For Planting (Rose and Ornamental Shrubs) - Add 1kg to each planting hole and mix thoroughly with the soil.
  • Side Dressing or Mulch (Trees and Shrubs) - Apply 1-1.5kg liberally as mulch around existing plants to a depth of around 3cm and water thoroughly. Keep away from the base of the plants.
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