Biogold Organic All Purpose Fertilizer (Japan)

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Incredible Plant Growth

  • Biogold Original contains a balanced and plentiful blend of nitrogen, phosphate, potassium, and various other rich natural mineral nutrients.

Maintains Soil Environment

  • Biogold Original increases effective microorganisms within soil while preventing soil hardening and maintaining the soil in its natural state.

Organic yet clean Fertilizer

  • Biogold Original has been treated at high temperatures.
  • One of its distinctive characteristics is that it becomes odorless once it gets damp.

All-Natural Materials for Peace of Mind

  • Biogold Original is made of all-natural materials that are easy for plants to absorb.
  • And because the fertilizer has been given plenty of time to age and mature, it won't damage the roots of plants.


  • The easiest way to use Biogold Original is to simply sprinkle the fertilizer pellets directly onto the soil.
  • When used in this way, the long-lasting fertilizer will remain effective for around two months.
  1. Bonsai 5" Pot Size - 15pcs
  2. Flowers/Herbs/Vegetables 5" Pot Size - 15pcs
  3. Flowers/Herbs/Vegetables 20" Pot Size - 60pcs
  4. Orchids 3" Pot Size - 3pcs
  5. Roses 8" Pot Size - 30pcs
  • Another way of using Biogold Original is to dissolve the fertilizer in water and pour the resulting mixture onto the soil.
  • This method is especially effective for plants that are watered infrequently or when you want to see fast-acting results.
  • We recommend dissolving two or three pellets of fertilizer in one liter of water.
  • When used in this way, the fertilizer will remain effective for around 10 days.


  • Bonsai, flowers, roses, vegetables, herbs, fruits, orchids, cacti, saintpaulias, pelargoniums, indoor-plants, chrysanthemiums, tree, bulbs, container-gardens, etc.
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